At Fluxentric, we bring together the specific product functionalities desired by our customers and the latest developments in LED technology. We don't discriminate. If the business case is right, we take on challenging projects. This has led to products as diverse as the Arctic Beam, which illuminates ski slopes, the Pro Cure, which is a UV-curing lamp that cures UV-paints in he car body repair market, and Led lighting for outdoor furniture, commissioned by the municipality of Amsterdam.


Fluxentric uses propriety and non-propriety cutting edge LED and lighting technologies to develop product applications in existing and new markets. Its aim is to contribute to higher stakeholder satisfaction through product and process improvement among its clients.


With products so diverse, we have set up different subsidiaries to promote the sale of these different products. Please refer to the section on Slope Lighting Solutions for information about the Arctic Beam and the section on Led Curing Systems for information about the Pro-cure.

Pioneers by nature, Engineers by profession