Slope Lighting Solutions

Slope Lighting Solutions is the only company in the global sports lighting arena that has dedicated itself exclusively to the illumination of ski slopes and tracks.  The illumination requirements of ski slopes, as well as the challenging and inspiring mountainous surroundings, have so far never led to the development of a luminaire that fits in with the surroundings both technically and visually.


Slope Lighting Solutions has done just that with the introduction of the Arctic Beam. The Arctic Beam is a LED technology based luminaire that clearly stands out from the gas discharge lamps that can be commonly found on ski slopes. It consumes less energy, offers better and more efficient light quality, is remotely dimmable, causes less spill light, has long lifetime, low weight and compact size, contains no toxic elements and is unique in its design.


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Installed Arctic Beams

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Phosphor material samples

LED Curing Systems develops concepts and products that combine LED technology and UV-curing principles.  UV-curing refers to the hardening and drying of paints, adhesives and composites by using devices that bring about UV- light.


The common method for UV-curing is still based on traditional technologies that use more energy and emit more carbon dioxide compared to solutions when LED technology is being used.


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Led Curing Systems